Get to know TeamEngine

Teamwork makes work fun!

Who are we?

We are a group of people that call ourselves a family. With different backgrounds, competence and personality, we complement  and develop each other every day. We also work creatively in everything we do from development, to customer care and event planning. And our creative team is now growing in more offices and employees. 

Every day we have monitoring meetings to develop new exciting projects and talk through the day. Another daily routine is that we play table tennis at 15.00 every afternoon. 

Every week we start with a motivational meeting at each department. We always end our Monday meetings with some baked goods made by a colleague from the weekly baking schedule. The week traditionally ends with a review of the week's big events and a reflection of the next week. 

Every year we organize a spring conference with lectures and seminars. The purpose of the conference is to learn new things and constantly develop as a team. 


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